Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – kust leida kõik muusika kassetid


VG24/7 on kokku pannud nimekirja kohtadest kust leiab muusika kassettid.

One of the coolest features in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the hidden music cassettes dotted around the map. There’s a lot of them, but once you find them you can set them as the default soundtrack for your support chopper.

Firstly, there are a bunch of tracks already set as default to the helicopter. There are:

Scouting Barren Lands
Journey to Point C-5
Dreamt of an Eclipse
Afghanistan’s a Big Place
MGO Trailer Music
Ride of the Valkyries

The rest of the music cassettes are found throughout the map, or are awarded for completing certain missions. Here’s where the find them all.

Heavens Divide
Mission 30: Inside the elevator before meeting Skull Face.

Love Detterence
Da Ghwandai Khar: The building where you find Miller in Mission 01.

Nova Braga Airport: Go east and check the building.

Kids In America
Da Shago Kallai: Search around the outside of the main building.

Rebel Yell (1999 Remaster)
Mountain Relay Base: Look west of the bridge.

The Final Countdown
Qarya Sakhra Ee: Go east and inside a small building.

Serak Power Plant: Head to the building all the way the the north and you’ll find it inside.

Take On Me
Yakho Oboo Outpost: go to the west wing and look inside the room.

Ride A White Horse
Lamar Khaate Palace: Inside the north guard post.

Lamar Khaate Palace: The tent in front of the palace.

A Phantom Pain
Wakh Sind Barracks: Go northeast and search the huts.

Only Time Will Tell
Eastern Communications Post: It’s inside!

Behind the Drapery
At Da Wialo Kallai.

Love Will Tear Us Apart
In the Afghanistan Central Base Camp.

All the Sun Touches
Visit Munoko ya Nioka Station.

Head to Kungenga Mine.

Take the D.W.
Da Smasei Laman: It’s beneath the canopy near the amphitheater.

Friday I’m In Love
Lufwa Valley: Search the mansion.

Midnight Mirage
Bampeve Plantation: In the northernmost building.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Ditadi Abandoned Village: Search under the canopy near the base of the rock.

The Tangerine
Spugmay Keep: Inside the east guard post.

Planet Scape
Sakhra Ee Village: In the south guard post.

How ’bout them zombies, ey?
Bwala ya Masa: Search the building to the east.

Snake Eater
Munoko ya Nioka Station: Inside the west guard post.

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Lufwa Valley: In the northwest guard post.

Quiet Life
Mfinda Oilfield: Search the building to the southeast.

She Blinded Me With Science
Wialo Village: In the northeast guard post.

Dormant Stream
Smasei Fort: By the west guard post.

Too Shy
Kiziba Camp: In the tent near the anti-air radar.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Theme
Mission 43: Search the Quarantine Platform’s cellar.

The Man Who Sold The World
Complete Mission 46

Sins of the Father
Complete Mission 30

Quiet’s Theme
At the end of Mission 45, follow the footprints until a cut scene plays.