DayZ foorumisse sisse murtud


Taaskord on üks mängustuudio langenud häkkerite rünnaku ohvriks. Seekord murti sisse DayZ foorumisse, mille tõttu lekkisid kasutajanimed, e-mail aadressid ja paroolid.

Bohemia kinnitab, et kasutajate paroole ei hoitud teksti kujul ja need olid krüpteeritud. Siiski soovitavad nad kasutajatel oma paroole muuta.

Maha murti ka Mini DayZ, tasuta html5 põhine veebiversioon mängust. Mängustuudio lubab et Mini DayZ tehakse korda ja mäng pannakse peatselt uuesti tööle.

Bohemia plaanib järgmiste nädalate jooksul vahetada välja ka praeguse IPBoards sisse logimise süsteemi, et muuta süsteemi turvalisemaks. Niikauaks jääb foorum offline.

Teade Bohemialt:


A security incident occurred on recently. According to our investigation all usernames, emails and passwords from were accessed and downloaded by hackers.

While the passwords were not stored in plain text, but in a more secure form, it is highly recommended that if you have used the same password elsewhere you change it immediately on all applicable websites and services.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused, and share with you one of the major changes planned in order to mitigate similar risks in the future. We will be replacing the IPBoards login system with Bohemia Account within the next two weeks. As Bohemia Account is a separate custom-built service currently used by Bohemia Interactive Forums and Store, it offers much better security and its use should prevent similar incidents going forward.

We ask for your patience over the next few days and weeks as we implement this and other security overhauls, as there are likely to be service interruptions and forum unavailability from time to time. In particular, the forums will be down until migration to the Bohemia Account is complete. We will keep you up to date on vital info and scheduled down-time on the site itself and via our Twitter.

Yours sincerely,

Bohemia Interactive